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The Musician As Athlete:
Alternative Approaches to Healthy Performance

"...a MUST for every professional and amateur musician, music educator and music student. It is a superb book for reading and reference, and it is the only book of its kind."
-Rena Fruchter, Concert Pianist and New York Music Columnist

In the late 70's I developed a ganglion in my left hand. The doctor said surgery. I never looked back (literally!) One result is this book, which is read by athletes of all kinds, not just musicians and not just professionals. For about 15 years, I spent a few hours each week as a Master Herbalist and holistic therapist, seeing patients of all kinds at Wild Rose Clinic.

400 pages, 48 illustrations, tables,
index, glossary, bibliography
ISBN 0-9695590-0-3
library of congress no.
ML 3795 B58 1991 613.704 C-1-091752-3
published by Kava Publications
  to order your copy of
The Musician as Athlete,

email me at bishop@agt.net

The price is $ 18.95 (Canadian) plus postage.


Table of Contents
Section I:
1) Geography and Mechanics: how the healthy performer is built
2) Fuel and Resource Management: how the healthy performer regulates body chemistry
3) Exercise: how the healthy performer gets fit
4) A List of Complaints: what they call the things that go wrong
5) Conventional Treatments: some of the options
6) Rehabilitation ... and prevention

Section II:
7) The Digestive System: what happened to that dinner?
8) Nutrients: the healthy elements in food
9) What the Healthy Performer Eats: a brief survey of nutritional theories ... and the author's biases regarding them
10) Foods to Avoid: why the sensitive performer got sick
11) Health Problems which affect performance: and how to deal with them
12)Training Diets for the Performer: preparing for a major performance
CODA) Faddism, Fanaticism, and Empiricism: and some guidelines for evaluating nutrition experiments

Section III:
13) Introduction: herbs for the performer
14) Herbs for the Digestive System
15) Herbs for your -itis: inflammatory conditions as systemic problems
16) Herbs for the Neuromuscular System: relaxing and strengthening muscles and nerves
17) More Herbs for the Performer: herbs for respiration, voice, eyes, ears, memory, blood sugar, energy, and warm hands
18) External Applications: herbs that heal from the outside
19) Other Ways of Using Plants to Heal: Chinese Herbs, Ayurveda, homeopathy

Section IV:
20) Beyond the Physical Problem: the emotional side of performance injury
21) How to Get the Body to Help the Mind ... to help the body
22) How to Get the Mind to Help the Body ... to help the mind
23) Warming the Hands by Helping Others: using the hands to heal

Appendix 1: Vitamins and Minerals
Appendix 2: Kava, an example of a herbalist's research summary

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